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Text submission includes information on the title, author/co-authors and the full text of the article.

Follow the full requirements on the Guidelines for Authors page.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the editor-in-chief of the journal: Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Elisaveta Tsvetkova (e.cvetkova@unibit.bg)

until 01.11.2023

Submitting a full text for Issue 4

Deadline for submitting a full text.

until 01.11.2023

until 05.11.2023

Technical editing

Corrections following technical layout recommendations.

until 15.11.2023


Receiving feedback from the reviewers.

until 15.11.2023

until 15.11.2023

Submitting a final text for Issue 4

Submitting a final and edited text.